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Minutes Old Webster Special Business District

Advisory Commission Meeting

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Members Present: Ron Clipp, Kerry (Thornton) Higginbotham, Phil Lindwedel, Bill Newhouse, Mara Perry, Jackie Postiglione, Joe Rath, Kathy Reimelt, and Stacie Swederska.


Others Present: Mayor Gerry Welch; Shawnell Faber, Parks and Recreation Dept., and Ellen Light, Secretary.


Presiding: Don Baumstark


Meeting began at 8:01 a.m.


We welcomed Stacie Swederska, owner of Paisley Boutique, as newest Board member.


Approval of Minutes

• Joe moved to approve minutes; Jackie seconded, all were in favor, minutes for February 26, 2013, were approved.



• Kerry said Don “volunteered” to be next president.

• Kerry agreed to be vice chair.

• Jackie will continue as treasurer.

• Joe moved to accept slate as stated, Ron seconded and all approved; we will continue as such for the next year—it is one year term.


Budget – Jackie

• Nothing new for treasurer.

• Mara said only new invoice that came in was OWTA Administration bill.

• Mara requested details on who to cut check to for Webster Grooves sponsorship.

• Jackie asked if any revenues were in?

• Mara said we are still very short on amounts that have come in, only about $5K out of projected $28K has arrived. 


Streetscape/Maintenance - Shawnell – Parks & Recreation Dept. Updates

• Because snow was so heavy, crews started on Sunday; this overtime will impact budget.

Ø The only major issues were that parking lot crews pushed snow back on sidewalks.

Ø With a large amount of snow, they can’t put on sidewalk or into street.

• Last week removed all the pots…so they can make transition to summer .

• Typically they like to start putting things out by first of May.

• Don asked about broken bench replacement? Shawnell stated that responsible party is being charged for pot, tree, two benches.

• Ron asked if it is too late in year to replace a tree? Shawnell said you can plant certain ones in the spring.

• Shawnell noted they will be replacing three trees in front of PNC Bank.

• She said they are using new hazard assessment to decide in which order to replace.


City Report – Mara

Cinco de Mayo

• Cinco de Mayo Run has been scratched this year because of problems with timing, especially for the churches.

Ø There are two events — La Cantina had proposed to close walkway on Sunday, and asked if it can be closed Saturday and Sunday for delivery of tent, but decision had not yet been made.

Ø Mara had not seen the plan for Milagro’s event yet; Joe said they will have to block the ramp coming up to parking deck.

Ø Mara said both restaurants have been given new forms, not yet returned.

• Fizzie’s has asked to get timing moved up so they can open in time for Webster Grooves.

• Nothing new on Auto Beauty.

• There has been discussion in Plan Commission on revamping Conditional Use Permit process, to shorten it for minor changes.

• City now posts for public hearings in the newspapers; also maybe changing around how zoning is organized —will be holding a public hearing at Plan Commission in April.

• Kerry asked about Jet’s Pizza which is moving into the old Starbucks location; Mara said it is moving forward.

Sculpture Park Developments - Mayor Welch

• Have hired SWT to do construction drawing—should mean grand opening of the Sculpture Park in the fall.

• Kerry asked about artists commissions: two Trovas, Catherine Magel doing bird and flower, and a piece by Evan Lewis, as well as a pad for High School student artwork and one for University students.

Webster Groves Creative Community - Mayor Welch

• Want to create a community award banner: Webster Groves Creative Community; may also be used on some street signs.

• Has met with Opera Theater, Community Music School.

• PR Committee (subcommittee of Business Development Commission), has been doing a lot of work looking at more overarching pieces for public relations. 

• Redoing Explore Web site, as well as Restaurant brochures.


Old Business

• Don had call from KTRS asking about our business.

• Don thought and Joe reiterated that fall would be better time to think about doing these ads.

• Mara said if we do it in fall, it is out of next year’s budget; if we decided to do it, would we consider tying in with Old Orchard?

• Mayor said instead of putting a little money into various ad options, it might be useful to try to find out what actually works.

• Mayor suggested getting some representatives to sit down with a media buyer who knows in general how things work.

• Mara asked for volunteers to represent our district:

Ø Kerry and Bill volunteered, Don is willing to try to do it, if he can.

Ø Kathy and Stacie mentioned OWTA calendar discussion.

Ø Mayor said meeting should be somewhere in the next month.

New Business

Request from Arts Foundation

• The request is to sponsor award for Paint Webster.

• Don mentioned we provided $200 last year.

• Ron made motion to approve that amount again; Jackie seconded the motion.

• All were in favor, motion passed—we will fund the $200 for award.

Special Activities Permit

• “Special Activities Permit” for all events (except neighborhood block party) — form is now downloadable…review starts with Public Works, then Police Dept., then Planning sees it.

• Mara will not sign off until she talks with Taxing District.

•     Copies will go to Parks Dept. if they need trash cans, etc.

•     Hoping they will make planning events in district much easier.

• Kathy asked how far in advance it is needed? Mara said it is asked for six weeks in advance.

Parking Discussion

• In the past city oversells available permits by twenty percent.

• Now there is a big issue with yellow permits—parking was overcrowded but there is option for city to give some extra spaces over; Public Works has a work order, and will be putting new signs up for those permit spaces.

• We have not yet hit the maximum number…if City Manager deems it necessary there are another seven spaces.

• Novus wants 22 yellow permits; now Mara said they have seven more in lower level which can be made available for purchase—or they can ask council to amend the ordinance to provide the permits.

• Stacie said Reliable Life Building will start permitting use of that lot for people who work there.

• Bill said Pacific could be the answer, may need to look there .

• Mara asked if we are comfortable with the request to ask the City Manager to make available the additional seven yellow permits?

• Joe said he didn’t think so—we should have those spaces open for customers.

• New places will be opening…need adequate customer parking.

• Mayor suggested Straub’s (and perhaps Bank of America) might want to rent them a few spaces?

• Mara will talk with Straub’s and Bank of America.


Meeting adjourned at 9:05 a.m.


Next Meeting: Tuesday, April 23, 2013.