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Business Development Commission Meeting Minutes



Meeting Date:

Thursday, March 29th, 2012

Meeting Called to Order:

8:05 a.m.

Meeting Adjourned:

9:10 a.m.

Next Meeting Date:

Thursday, April 26th, 2012







Pat Richards



Chalegne O’Brien



Julie Campbell



Lee Moss



Greg Bratcher



Mittie Bond



Sue Sullivan



Charlie Downs





Also Present



-Council Liaison-Mayor Gerry Welch



-Staff Liaison-Roger Grow



-Staff Liaison-Joan Jadali



-Matt Ament, Senior Planner




Pat Richards, Chair, called the meeting to order at 8:05 a.m. The minutes were reviewed from the prior meeting.  Chalegne O’Brien motioned for approval, with a second from Charlie Downs.  All voted in favor.


Public Relations Update

Joan Jadali indicated that the proposed Public Relations budget will be submitted in the amount of $19,025 which is a reduction of $3,000 from the original request of the Public Relations Committee of $22,025.


The Commission also discussed the brochure and insert and also indicated that they would like to rally the City to get more people to participate in CVC.


Farmers Market Update

Roger Grow indicated that there is a Board meeting every other week for the Farmers Market to meet.  May 3rd is the start of the 26-week Farmers Market season with hours from 3pm-7pm.


Roger indicated that he market had a budget surplus of $3,000 for the current year and the upcoming budget proposal is about the same as last year. He also indicated that the City’s budget support for the Farmers Market no longer exists in 2013.  There was a bit of other discussion on personnel involved in the market, market vendors, and assistance offered by Webster University in the prior market season to set up the weekly market and provide counts of patrons.  Roger also mentioned the sponsorship levels and the attempts the market master is making to bring in different types of craft vendors and how the market wants to partner their market with other City events. Lastly, Roger discussed the Happy Hour Fundraiser event at Cyrano’s on April 25th from 5:30pm-8:00pm.


Explore Webster Groves Update

Roger indicated that we will continue to have people register and update their information on the website. Roger distributed an Event calendar and discussed some items on it.  Discussion then ensued as to what types of events should be excluded from the calendar.  It was decided to eliminate individual classes that organizations would be offering, and that it could not be updates for meetings or sporting events except Turkey Day.  Items should be open to the public and have to be in Webster Groves. 


Roger indicated that Matt Ament will be taking care of the website and making the necessary updates and responding to inquiries on posting items to the calendar.  The Commission indicated that they would like to hear about requests for postings from Matt at future meetings as a meeting update.


Vacant Building Update

Roger indicated that there was no committee meeting on Vacant Buildings and as a result he doesn’t have an update for this meeting.



Due to time constraints, all items on the agenda were not covered.  It was recommended that we begin the next meeting with a Discussion of Doing Business in Webster Groves and Setting Future Directions and Goals.


Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held on Thursday, April 26th, 2012 at 8:00 a.m.



The meeting was adjourned at 9:10 p.m. with Charlie Downs motioning for adjournment and seconded by Greg Bratcher.  All voted in favor.