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Crossroads Special Taxing District






Meeting Date:                            

    Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Meeting Called to Order:

8:40 A.M.

Meeting Adjourned:

10:15 A.M.

Next Meeting Date:

   Tuesday, May 18, 2010











Lisa Abeln



Patricia Boever



Kay Ramsey



Pauli Goetz



Jeff Sanders



John Lark



Bob Springer



Davis Allen



Kathy Hart, Council Liaison



Roger Grow, Dir., Planning/Development-Staff Liaison



Kathy Kinderfather-Residential Liaison



Bob Goetz



Ken Rimmel




Richard Scholl

Carol Hodson

Julie Campbell


Jim/Lila Hirshfelt










       DATE: April 20, 2010

1. Approval of minutes from January 19, 2010 & non-quorum discussion of March 16, 2010: A motion was offered & seconded for approval. Visitor Comments: Lisa introduced Julie Campbell & Carol Hodson. Carol teaches art at Webster U., and started a presentation for a proposed mural on the west wall of the 8730 Big Bend building. A mural would “liven things up” by incorporating concepts dear to Webster Groves: neighborhoods, trees & trains. Right now the District has no sense of neighborhood; it’s merely a place to drive through. The mural would be painted on, but photo-realistic. The mural would be immediately visible when traveling east on Big Bend, and even though westbound drivers would not immediately see the mural, seeing it in ones rearview mirror might encourage drivers to turn around & take a closer look. Specific details are in the packet passed out by Carol, but three objectives she cited for the mural: 1) establish a unique district identity, 2) Maximize visibility to passing traffic & 3) provide theme for future advertising. Carol also suggested plantings to complement the mural The mural could be completed in one week.  Lisa expressed approval of the choice of the mural location. One potential problem is Ed Sneed’s hanging sign which would be situated in the middle of the mural. Pauli expressed the importance of getting Ed Sneed’s & Bob Hill’s approval before doing any planting. The City Council would need to sign-off on the mural project, and Bob Springer said he’d be glad to go before Council to address questions & comments. Paulie said Ed Sneed may be interested in joining the Board. Bob Springer suggested him and Pauli “gingerly” approach Ed about removal of his sign. John & Jeff suggested the Board could even pay for a relocation of the sign. Both Lisa and Bob Springer expressed approval of the mural’s appearance. Paulie expressed the need for people in the District to be in involved in this project. John said that we already have a cross-section of people interested in improving the District, and also because a time frame must be adhered to, a vote is appropriate today. Anyone with concerns could address the City Council or Arts Commission. It was recommended the Board be ready to meet with the Arts Commission at their May 13 meeting, and on May 18 with Council. Roger said that we may not need to stay for the whole council session if Council is comfortable with our proposal during the agenda session.  John said the mural would precede any sculpture works, but that a sculpture in Elm/Bend Park is still a good idea. Another advantage to not having the mural on the east side of the building is that it keeps the corner “clean” and not “busy” with too many displays. Lisa added that this is also an opportunity to integrate components of the HOK “Flexible Spaces” plan.  A motion was offered and seconded to approve the 2010-11 budget & to move forward on process to get mural done. Budget Specifics: Total budget: $57,575. Current cash balance: $64,000. Mural cost will be paid from the Professional Services, Operational Equipment & Façade Beautification accounts. A discussion began about increasing the amounts in the above named accounts (Professional Services to $10K, Façade Beautification to $15K & Area Maintenance & Materials to $15K). A motion was offered and seconded to do so. Roger reminded us that we spent little money last budget year, so we have plenty of cash on hand ($64K). After considering this observation, the Board voted to retract earlier approval of account dollar increases on a motion by John & seconded by Jeff to maintain budget as submitted by Roger. Vote On Bob Springer becoming Board Chair-person: A motion was offered (John) and seconded (Pat) for Bob Springer as new Chair-Person. Landscaping/infrastructure issues/Building Beautification: Lisa told of new flower plots, 2 of which are on the corner of Big Bend & Alma. She believes $4K will be needed to finish plantings of 36 total pots. Lisa also shared pictures of painting done to beautify the front of her building, and she also plans to change the color of her blinds. Lisa will also apply for a Beautification grant (she has the paperwork completed) & it will be voted on at the meeting on May 18. Julie Campbell also showed artist renderings of proposed color changes on her Three Sinks Gallery building and adjacent Vogel Realty Co.  Julie could also apply for a beautification grant. She’ll talk it over with her landlords, Jim & Lila Hirschfelt. Improvements to the road roads & curbs were also discussed. St Louis County is responsible for the roads as well as the curbs which is part of the right-of-way. Lisa asked Ken Rimmel about the possibility of doing touch-up painting of the train station w/new “cool looking” colors.  Ken said he would bring the subject up at tonight’s RR quarterly business meeting. Ken has some paint for this job, but questions its quality as the paint has been sitting for several years Ken estimated that $1,000 would cover the cost of paint and related materials. He talked of six people who could paint & a scaffold is also available. Lisa also offered the painting services of her husband, Mark, for free. Lisa also suggested plantings to beautify the train station. She also offered to have Mark attend Ken’s RR business meeting and offer his years of experience as a building inspector as to how to go about beautifying the RR station. Lisa thought approximately 10 shrubs would work & estimated the cost at less than $50 per shrub. Bob Springer suggested that Ken & Julie go to the Historical Society to review any beautification plans. America In Bloom Competition: Lisa said that the City has entered this nationwide competition, and she asked if the Board wants to get involved. Lisa has received no response to e-mails regarding the event. At a meeting with people from Rolling Ridge Nursery, Lisa found out it’s up to each District as to what they want to do. Mailings should be done and also telling others what our District is all about. Agenda items for next meeting: Mural/sculpture, vote on Lisa’s Beautification grant, & Julie Campbell’s (if ready). America In Bloom competition, HOK “Flexible Spaces” plan, landscaping/infrastructure matters, 4th of July plans. The meeting adjourned at 10:15 a.m.