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Crossroads Special Taxing District





Meeting Date:                            

Wednesday May 26, 2010

Meeting Called to Order:

8:35 A.M.

Meeting Adjourned:

                               10:30 A.M.

Next Meeting Date:

Tuesday, June 15, 2010   










Lisa Abeln



Patricia Boever



Kay Ramsey



Pauli Goetz



Jeff Sanders



John Lark



Bob Springer



Davis Allen



Toni Hunt-Council Liaison



Roger Grow, Dir., Planning/Development-Staff Liaison



Kathy Kinderfather-Residential Liaison



Bob Goetz




Ken Rimmel




Richard Scholl

Matt Ament-Sr. Planner (attending for Roger Grow)

       BOTH Present






May 26, 2010




1.      Approval of minutes from May 18, 2010: A motion was offered (Pat) and seconded (Lisa) for approval. Visitor comments: Davis was the only visitor. He spoke later in the meeting, so his comments will be in the section of the subject matter. Improvements at Big Bend & Alma: Chairman Springer began by reviewing how after we’ve addressed beautification needs of the southern & eastern parts of the District, it’s time to look at the center of the District, namely the Alma/Big Bend corner. The corner is a gnarly, overgrown area of bushes which not only detracts from the beauty of the District, but poses a safety concern by blocking the stop sign which is also leaning. Bob Springer then gave the floor to Bob Goetz who presented landscape architectural drawings proposing plantings of multiple flowers/ shrubbery, removal of trees and installation of a new retaining wall. 50% of the wall would be on apartment complex property, 1/3 on Bob Springer’s property and the remainder on the St Louis County right-of-way (approval from St Louis County is needed). John emphasized that we make sure to be in compliance with the right-of-way cone of vision rule which limits wall height to three feet. The fire department mandated a 3 foot zone around the fire hydrant relative to building the wall. Bob Goetz has spoken to two tree removal services (Ray’s: $1,100 bid & Davy’s: $1,280 bid). These bids include removal of three trees (and stumps) and shrubbery. He spoke to Baxter Gardens about the retaining wall. The combination of tree, shrub removal and retaining wall work is $6,027.00. A motion was offered and approved for the lower bid from Rays and for Baxter Garden to do the retaining wall; total cost of work: $6,027.00  Lisa has spoken to Joe (owner of Alma apartments), and he is very interested in approving the looks of his property. The previous owner of Alma apartments specifically requested to not be part of the Crossroads District. Current owner Joe also is not a member. This is why the Board disagrees with giving a beautification grant match to Joe for plantings on his property. If he’d like to join the Board, he’s welcomed to. Pauli suggested we see a regular treasurer’s report given the money we’re planning to spend. John said this project is perfectly made for a group like Crossroads; it provides an opportunity for others to actually see improvements. Lisa said that because of easy access, Fred Lewis would provide water supply to the plantings; Bob Springer has a water bib on his building that would also be good for the project plantings. Plantings in front of the lot will need water only until they’re established. Lisa also suggested screening to hide the dumpster. Related note: four Alma parking lot spaces are filled with removed brush, and Shawnell will remove them once she knows when the District wants them taken. Other District clean-up: Kathy Kinderfather asked who is responsible for clearing debris from vehicle accidents and how often is it done. It was suggested a letter be sent to the City for answers. She also mentioned a low-lying asphalt area on Schnucks corner which collects water. Trash is also strewn around the corner. Kay will check into this. Kathy also said a trash can is needed, and John offered the 1 remaining one we have. Bob Springer thanked Bob Goetz for his work on the proposed landscape work; Bob Goetz estimated the value of his work at $2,000. A vote will be taken at the June 15th meeting to move forward with the landscape project. Davis Allen emphasized objectivity in looking at the District, and that it’s important to consider which projects are most important with limited funds. Lisa added that there are “tons” of fundraising sources, but you must get their attention. Webster Groves has grant money available (up to $25,000) which was used by the new Farmer’s Market). This type of grant would be perfect for improving the RR station grounds. Kay said that one major project per year is productive, and even if you have multiple projects, all may not get done. It’s important to use the funds in a way which minimizes criticism. District mural: Initially Ralf Broughton was going to present a mural proposal to the Arts Commission on June 21st.  However, Bob Springer spoke to him after our meeting, and Ralf is pulling out to avoid any controversy. He asked only to be given updates on the process. Carol Hodson will present her mural proposal to the Arts Commission on June 21. Bob Springer feels a positive recommendation is needed from the Arts Commission as he doesn’t see City Council overriding a negative Arts Commission recommendation. He also believes the more people who say they want the mural, the better the chances for approval. Lisa emphasized the many manpower hours involved in District beautification. She expressed appreciation to True Colors gratitude for the flower pots. However, Ralf thought they were a distraction to his art, and had them moved away from his business. Pauli expressed that everyone in the District has their specialties, and there’s not enough communication in letting other know what’s going on. Lisa said it’s counter-productive to send out agenda/minutes to businesses when their people can attend our meetings anytime and when the City website can be accessed for the info.  4th of July plans: Lisa suggested a RR theme where children could be dressed as train engineers with buckets to collect money during the parade for train station restoration. People climbing on building roofs are the biggest safety concern, and the RR roof is not up to people walking on it.  Bob Springer said the RR Club should police its own property. RR Restoration: Lisa passed around two color renderings of RR painting & plantings. It was considered that Crossroads also pay $450 for the power-washing of the building, but it was decided that the $6,500 for the paint work already promised is more than generous. The RR club should be able to tap into other funding sources, and hence, the idea about collecting money during the 4th of July parade. Beautification Grant Applications (Lisa & Jim/Lila Hershfelt): Lisa wanted a more artistic, up-to-date look for her building, and chose colors to do that. She also installed new blinds in her store front. $433.25 will be deducted from the grant given because grants apply only to outside, not inside. On a motion offered by Kay, and seconded by John, Lisa was approved for $850 in grant money. Neither Jim, Lila, nor Julie Campbell was present to answer questions about their grant application. Their work totals $1,750 and the matching grant from Crossroads would be $850. Three buildings are included in their application: 8715, 8717 & 8721 Big Bend.  For painting to be eligible for grant money, it must be for aesthetic purposes only because maintenance purposes are outside the beautification grant guidelines.  Because we ran out of time at the May 18 meeting, the Board decided  that  either the Hershfelts’ or Julie Campbell should attend the June 15th meeting to answer  questions (i.e., what colors will be used)  about their plans. Agenda items for June 15, 2010 meeting: Vote on Alma/Big Bend tree removal, plantings & wall work, District mural, District sculpture update from Julie Campbell, discussion of Hershfelt beautification grant application, communication issues with non-board members/tenants, RR building update from Ken Rimmel. The meeting was adjourned at 10:30 a.m.