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Crossroads Special Taxing District





Meeting Date:                            

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Meeting Called to Order:

8:35 A.M.

Meeting Adjourned:

                               10:35 A.M.

Next Meeting Date:












Lisa Abeln



Patricia Boever



Kay Ramsey



Pauli Goetz



Jeff Sanders



John Lark



Bob Springer






Toni Hunt-Council Liaison



Roger Grow, Dir., Planning/Development-Staff Liaison



Kathy Kinderfather-Residential Liaison



Bob Goetz




Ken Rimmel




Richard Scholl

Ed Sneed

Ralph Broughton

Bob Hill

        ALL Present





June 15, 2010



1.      Approval of minutes from June 15, 2010 meeting: Chairman Springer offered a motion for approval. John gave first response and Kay seconded it, and the minutes were approved with no objections. Visitor Comments: Kathy Kinderfather reported that clean-up has made the Elm/Big Bend corner look better, and a troublesome bush has been removed. Kathy expressed thanks to Kay for her help in this matter. Other visitor comments will appear later as they pertain to subject being discussed. District Business-Alma/Big Bend Corner: Chairman Springer, with the aid of City Attorney Helmut Starr, has completed the licensing agreement document for the proposed retaining wall. The construction easement document is still being worked on, and Bob S. hopes it will be ready soon. Work can begin as soon as this document is completed. Bob Goetz was told to make sure Roger receives all bids for the proposed work. The projected completion time for the wall is in the fall. July 4th Comments/Review: Bob Springer read a letter he composed for City Council addressing concerns about the City not being equipped to handle the large volume of people attending events. Lack of parking is a major problem. Speeding cars pose the risk of pedestrians being struck. Bob reported public urination behind his building. He also reported that Jeff’s property was also a victim of the large crowds. In summary, total chaos. After getting the support of the Board, Bob S. will have his letter read at the next City Council meeting. He also asked Kay to compose a letter on the Board’s behalf expressing support for these concerns. This letter can also be shared with Old Orchard & Old Webster Business Districts.  Ralf Broughton reported flowers pulled from the green pots starting at Art of Entertaining heading east. Bob Springer emphasized that Council needs to be told of our concerns, or nothing will be done about the situation. Ralf said that over the past 5 years, the parade has lost a certain creativity. Kathy Kinderfather commended the clean-up after the parade. District Projects/Advances & Reimbursements: Bob Springer shared with the Board Missouri Statute 105.452 which addresses prohibited acts by elected and appointed public officials and employees. He felt this needed to be addressed to avoid running afoul of state law and eliminating even the appearance of impropriety. Bob highlighted item #4 of the statute which addresses payment for work to such officials, spouse or dependent children. Lisa emphasized that her husband, Mark, was not charged for his work and neither Ralf nor Bob Goetz charge for their services. Spouses cannot be paid even if it’s competitive bid work. Lisa emphasized how she gets more work done with less money by volunteering her services (i.e., plantings). She also expressed her opposition to enacting the statute after all this work and time has been invested. Lisa also said she needs help from others to handle the volume of projects. She’s also still awaiting $3,800.00 in reimbursement from the City for money spent on projects. Ralf suggested a “clean slate” for future projects to be in full compliance with the statute. Ralf added that obtaining volunteers is difficult given the bad economy. Lisa passed out a sheet showing her and Mark’s landscaping/planting expenses since the 1st of the year: $400 for pots painted, placed and picked up, painting of pots by Mark and his brother ($20 each), Mark and two others clearing plantings in Alma lot ($560), trip charges starting in March ($700), and taking down Christmas decorations and putting them in her office ($40). At times the Garden Club has supplied volunteers. John said that is an eligible family member is able to provide work at a lower cost; he has no problem with that. Lisa added that she’s been able to get work done for less than from bids from outside companies. Kay recommended we go forward with reimbursement for Lisa’s efforts. In the future we’ll evaluate expenses relative to the MO statute. The budget for landscape/plantings was approved with a cap, and we offered no other guidelines. A motion was offered to authorize the City to pay Lisa up to $3,357 in reimbursement (1st Kay & seconded by Bob Springer).The remainder has been direct-billed. This reaches the $6,000 budgeted for four total projects. Lisa said she’d prepare a spread sheet detailing her expenses. John emphasized the importance of having bids for work. Budgets have been approved without knowing where the numbers come from. We relied on the good faith of Board members (i.e., Lisa). Perhaps we can establish a reimbursement level. After thanking Lisa for her efforts, Pauli said she believes things have been rushed through and more time needs to be spent considering the consequences of our actions. She added that the District must identify itself, and that the District has people solving problems for others. RR Building Update: Ken Rimmel said that soaker hoses are now in the garden areas, and the painting of the building done before July 4th looks nice. Ken thanked Lisa for her efforts relative to the RR station. All new outside lights are replaced. By the end of the week, an eastside sign with light arrangements should be done, and it’s hoped to eventually have the same for the Westside. Ken hopes to hear about his NARF roof grant bid in about two weeks. The next quarterly RR business meeting is Tuesday, 7/20, and Ken hopes to have electrical work bids in hand. Lisa suggested replacing the windows at the top of the station baggage door. She also proposed a committee to come up with ideas on promoting the station. It would also be cool if existing bike trails in Maplewood and Webster Groves could be extended to the station. John asked Ken about the likelihood of a Christmas train passing by the station; that requires approval of the RR union. Landscape Improvement to Hill/Sneed Properties: Ralf said the June 21 art sub-committee meeting went well. Proper signage is the central issue. Ralf passed out drawings of his proposal which Bob Hill has accepted. He also agreed to paint black the column listing the tenants. Signs would be on both the east and west elevation of the building. Ed Sneed’s hanging sign would be removed. Lisa asked if the parking sign could be relocated which is a St Louis County Highway matter.  Bob Goetz presented two bids for the concrete work (minus landscaping). A-Haul Co. ($9,859) & Rescom ($7,009). A landscaping bid of $450 was presented for juniper trees (which keep their color year-round). Ralf estimated the total project cost (concrete, planting & landscaping) would be $11,500-$12,000. Roger will find out if ARB approval is needed for this project. City Council approval is needed because of tax money being used. Bob Springer asked the Board if the mural project is dead. Kay said the most positive feedback has been for Ralf’s plan. She also suggested we table the mural proposal until we see how Ralf’s proposal progresses. Bob Springer told Carol Hodson we’ll get back to her about the mural, pending outcome of Ralf’s plan. Bob Springer asked Roger if City Public Works be involved in the concrete project. They cannot because this project is not in the same category as a mural. It was noted that Ed Sneed & Bob Hill would need to compose a long-term lease agreement (similar to Bob Springer’s arrangement for his property). John recommended presentation of Ralf’s plan to ARB with the assumption of a long-term lease agreement before final approval. Bob recommended following through on John’s suggestion. Ralf asked that a Board member accompany him before the ARB. It was asked if a “Crossroads Business Association” sign should be included in Ralf’s plan. John thought no. Lisa believes the RR station is an ideal site for this type of sign. Increased Pay for Richard Scholl: Lisa asked Richard if he’s paid by the hour. He’s paid a flat $80 rate which includes attending meetings and preparing agendas and minutes at home. Lisa suggested increased pay with increased responsibilities for Richard since there’s much more going on now in the District. We could continue the flat rate, and given extra projects for Richard to work on, an hourly rate could be decided on. Agenda Items for Next Meeting: update on Alma/Big Bend corner, Sneed/Hill concrete/landscape work, advances/ reimbursements/personal time, July 4th celebration concerns, RR building update, Christmas Committee, extra work/compensation for Richard. The meeting was adjourned at 10:35 a.m.