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Crossroads Special Taxing District





Meeting Date:                            

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Meeting Called to Order:

8:40 A.M.

Meeting Adjourned:

                               10:35 A.M.

Next Meeting Date:

                 Tuesday,  November 16, 2010











Lisa Abeln



Patricia Boever



Kay Ramsey



Pauli Goetz



Jeff Sanders



John Lark



Bob Springer






Toni Hunt-Council Liaison



Roger Grow, Dir., Planning/Development-Staff Liaison



Kathy Kinderfather-Residential Liaison



Bob Goetz




Ken Rimmel




Richard Scholl

Linda Broughton

Ralf Broughton


        ALL Present















October 19, 2010



      1. Approval of meeting minutes from September 21, 2010: Chairman Springer offered a motion to approve. Pat responded first and Lisa seconded the motion, and the minutes were approved with no objections. Visitor Comments: We had two new visitors (Joanne & Eileen from the Webster Groves Finance Department) present to explain the purchasing guidelines for the business districts. Their comments will appear in the District Projects section of the minutes. No other visitor comments made. Alma/Big Bend Corner Update: Chairman Springer reported that the wall and plantings were completed Monday, October 18, with eight bushes, including myrtle, and he gave thanks to Bob Goetz for his coordination of the plantings and wall installation. Bob Springer turned on the hose to the plantings before coming to our meeting. Alma Apartments owner Job asked Bob S. if a picture of the completed work can be sent to him. Job is thankful and excited about the new addition to the corner. Bob S. said that Job is still committed to contributing $300.00 right now, and plans to budget money for future contributions. Bob will follow up with Job before year’s end and in the spring to see how much money Job plans to contribute. Visibility of the dumpster on the grounds was discussed, and it was decided that the plantings should screen out the dumpster nine months out of the year. Bob Goetz presented an invoice of $38.88 for the previously mentioned hose that’s needed to combat dryness. Bob S. offered a motion to approve payment to Bob G. of said amount for hose. Pat responded first and Lisa seconded the motion. Chairman Springer informed Richard that the Alma/Big Bend Corner can be removed from future meeting agendas. Alma Parking Lot Plantings: Bob Goetz said that the best long-term solution for the exposed west end of the lot is native grasses & flowers. Of the three bids Bob received, DJM Eco Services (specialists in environmental matters) is the lowest. They propose spacing each planting 1.5 ft apart, and to plant in masses to achieve greater color effect. Shifting to the south side of the lot, Lisa expressed concern that wild flowers can either look very good or very bad. She also suggested plants of differing heights (i.e., prairie plants) to enhance the view. These could be planted next spring. She added that we want to achieve the best use for our money spent. Bob asked Richard to ensure that plantings for Alma lot is included on November’s meeting agenda. The discussion switched to concerns about watering of the lot plantings not being done regularly; only heavy rains have been keeping plants watered. It was expressed that Greg Sercl is being “spread too thin” what with his duties in Kirkwood, and that perhaps we need to find someone who can give regular attention to our plantings. This will be further discussed in November.  Lisa added that we should find energy-efficient ways to ensure proper watering of the plantings (i.e., rain barrels) or a rolling cart (which she can secure for $250.00; it normally sells for $900.00). After further discussion it was decided too many barrels would be needed, and sprinklers are our best method of watering. Ralf suggested to Bob Goetz that he ask other landscaping companies for recommendations on who could water our plantings. Hal Hanstein’s request for business signage: Hal represents a business which advocates for the deaf/hearing impaired whose owners themselves are deaf, and they’ve requested a sign be placed near their business at Frisco & Elm Aves so potential customers know where they’re located. A historical sign similar to others in the district is desired. Ralf recommended a 2-faced sign at the corner western ingress at Big Bend/Elm. Ralf also recommend we consult Matt Ament, Webster Groves Sr. Planner, for guidance in having the sign installed. The client would pay for the sign if our Board approves it. Their cost is only $350 for as long as the business is in operation. Bob S. said that as a taxing district, it should not be difficult to “push this through”.  Roger explained the off-premises sign ordinance, and how this sign complies with it. A vote was set for November’s meeting to give the Board time to consider feedback from Hal. District Projects: District purchasing guidelines: Joan Jadali & Eileen Meyer from the Webster Groves Finance Department reviewed a handout of bid/purchasing policies to be adhered to by business districts. Any purchase less than $1,000 requires no bids, $1,000-$7,000 requires three written bids. Any bid greater than $7,000 requires City Council approval as well publication in a newspaper. Joan & Eileen added that these guidelines must be followed in the same way the rest of City businesses do as related to the use of public funds. After Finance Dept. looks over the bid, it’s referred to Roger for a P.O. number. It’s imperative that purchases have been approved by the Board before submitting a reimbursement request. Preferred vendors are permitted to bill the City. Joan & Eileen also said that billing individual purchases less than $1,000 over time is permissible. However, if we have a big project and proceed to make several frequent purchases in order to elude the no-bid policy, this is not allowed. Jeff asked if the lowest bid must always be selected & Joan & Eileen responded that the lowest, qualified bid must be accepted which is different from selecting the low bid only; this protects us in case we find out something untoward about the company after the fact. Lisa asked if there is a preferred landscaping list the City uses; there is not. 4th of July safety/security concerns: Bob S. & Kathy Kinderfather met to discuss her meeting with Rec Center officials. When she brought up the concerns, she was told it’s a police matter. Despite the mayhem on Big Bend after the parade, the Rec Center personnel cannot take on traffic/parking issues. A discussion began about how to correct these problems. Bob S. believes we need to take the matter into our own hands since the police can provide only so much help. Some suggestions: PD no parking orders on Big Bend, limit public lots to pedestrians only by blocking them off to vehicle access. This would divert cars to park on nearby side streets. Without a significant police presence, it’s difficult to enforce no parking demands. Fortunately private lots (like Jeff’s & Bob’s) can be closed off. Renting 2 to 4 porta-potties was also recommended (which we’d need to vote on). While this experience lasts only about 1.5 hours, it is an intense experience. Roger recommended we submit a formal petition to Public Works and secure barricades to shut off parking lot entrances. The cost is $75/day, and should be reserved well in advance. Lisa suggested publishing our concerns in the Webster-Kirkwood Times. However, Bob S. is concerned about potential editorial backlash. It was also suggested the southside parking lot serve as a viewing area (about which Bob S. will approach Public Works & 4th of July committee), and Lisa suggested charging $20 for parking. Jeff believes this issue needs to be impressed upon City Council by appearing at a meeting to firmly express the City’s need to address the problem. Kathy K. could attend. RR station update: Ken was unable to attend the meeting, but he submitted a report which Richard passed out to the group. All outside lighting have been installed, adjusted & operating by a timer. Staining of two doors instead of painting is being evaluated. Future business meetings will address what color and when next spring the club will finish painting the eaves, which the painters refused to touch. Plans are still on for placing a holiday train display in Pauli’s store window. Ken also made a poster design which any store/property owner can place in windows which advertises the RR Club & recognizes our business district. Ken was almost finished writing a grant request to Ameren when he found out about their name change in MO, and resultant change in the application process. He plans to be finished with the application in a couple weeks, get it reviewed and send it in. After they receive the request it should take about six weeks for a decision. Bob said that once the roof is torn off, some eaves will be ruined. He feels we’ve done all we can for the RR station. We’ll be glad to help in any way “down the road”, but it’s the RR’s project. Hill/Sneed properties landscape/concrete work: Ralf presented two bids for the removal of Ed Sneed’s sign (which Ed still wants to remove himself) totaling $2,060. An additional $400 would be charged for painting the sign tower for a grand total of $2,460. Phase I is considered the previous mentioned work, and phase II will be the sidewalk work. Pat requested a motion to spend the $2,460. Lisa did not want to vote on the motion until she finds out exactly what the Board wants to do as a group; she believes we should re-visit Carol Hodson’s mural proposal. Pauli said that business owners want to know where the money will be going. Bob S. said John’s input is critical. At this point Ralf said he’s done all he can, and doesn’t see the need for further opinions. He & Linda left the meeting. The subject was relegated to November’s meeting. Christmas Committee: Since Julie Campbell declined our offer, we have no representative. The general group consensus is that the pole decorations’ lack of uniformity make them look bad. Lisa suggested we pay someone to make them look good. Roger said 500 lights were purchased last year, and this years’ estimate for 500 C-7 lights is $1,043+shipping. The bulbs need to be installed in each plug. Bob offered a motion to purchase 1,000 lights; Lisa responded 1st & Jeff seconded the motion, and it was approved with no objections. Pay raise for Richard: Bob asked Richard what his current pay rate is; it’s $80.00 flat fee for attending meetings, preparing agendas, recording the minutes, and preparing them for final delivery. Bob asked Richard what he thought was fair. Richard proposed a raise to $100 as this is easier to manage than keeping track of varying hours. The raise would also cover printer paper, internet use & increased meeting time lengths. Bob offered a motion to approve Richard’s pay raise; Lisa responded first and Jeff seconded; no objections. The raise is effective immediately. Agenda items for November 16, 2010 meeting: approval of $2,460 expense to remove Ed Sneed’s sign and paint sign towers, sidewalk work at Sneed/Hill properties, Alma parking lot plantings, vote on Hal’s request for business signage, 4th of July safety/security concerns, RR building update, Christmas committee. The meeting was adjourned at 10:35 a.m.