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Crossroads Special Taxing District




Meeting Date:

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Meeting Called to Order:

8:35 A.M.

Meeting Adjourned:

10:15 A.M.

Next Meeting Date:

Tuesday, October 19, 2010










Lisa Abeln



Patricia Boever



Kay Ramsey



Pauli Goetz



Jeff Sanders



John Lark



Bob Springer






Toni Hunt-Council Liaison



Roger Grow, Dir., Planning/Development-Staff Liaison



Kathy Kinderfather-Residential Liaison



Bob Goetz




Ken Rimmel




Richard Scholl

Linda Broughton

Ralf Broughton


        ALL Present











September 21, 2010


1.   Approval of minutes from August 17, 2010 meeting: Chairman Springer offered a motion for approval. John approved first & Pauli seconded; the minutes were approved with no objections. Visitor Comments: Hal Hanstein, President of Cardinal Realty Group, spoke on behalf of a business tenant, Eric, on Frisco Avenue behind Schnucks, about the need for signage directing people to businesses in a way similar to Old Webster. Crossroads would pay for the base sign, and individual businesses would pay for the panels on the sign showing their business name. This arrangement would satisfy an ordinance prohibiting off-site signage advertising a single business. The Board remarked that such signs are pedestrian-oriented, and wondered how valuable they’d be to motorists traveling by at a much faster pace. It was decided that more specifics from Hal are needed before proceeding. Ralf suggested consulting Webster Groves Sr. Planner, Matt Ament, and Bob Springer said he’d call Matt. District Business-Alma/Big Bend Corner Update & Approval of Contractors: Bob has spoken to Job (Alma Apts. Owner), and he has signed the necessary documents for the project relative to his property. Bob Springer would like a financial commitment from Job. After asking about cost of the plantings, Job offered $300. This is a small amount, but doable in the interest of getting the project going. Job will be responsible for the upkeep of his property’s landscape John suggested that any work done for Job that’s eligible for reimbursement requires him to submit his reimbursement after the work is finished. Work on getting a purchase order for the corner work will be handled through Roger. Bob Goetz added that the biggest cost will be groundcover which protects against weeds. Bob Goetz suggested planting prairie grass plugs 15” apart on the now bare west side of the Alma parking lot. They are colorful and virtually maintenance-free although during the first year or so need to be watered during any drought conditions. Bob recommends roto-tilling and mulching before planting the plugs in May or June. Bob G. presented three bids for the Alma/Big Bend work: Walbart ($2,450), Baxter Gardens ($1,947) & DJM Eco Services ($1,668). John pointed out that we have time to consult Greg Sercl about watering as needed. We also need to make sure Greg has enough water for the Alma lot in his water tank in addition to water needed for his other work. This subject was tabled until October’s meeting. Greg has also asked about winter flower pots, and we need to give him direction on the kind we want. Lisa and her people placed the more elaborate gray pots at Big Bend & Elm. Jeff thinks that one person (Greg) handling the pots is the best way to go. John also said it’s critical that Greg gets the special water access key which has been on order for quite some time in order to continually water the plantings. July 4th crowd/safety concerns: No response has been received from City Council relative to letters sent by Bob Springer and the Board. Kathy Kinderfather agreed to attend meetings related to 4th of July concerns. District Project Fiscal Narratives: At this time Roger has not received anything from Joan Jadali. Later Tuesday, Roger e-mailed info received from Joan to the Board, a summary of City purchasing policies as they apply to taxing Districts. RR Building Update: Ken Rimmel said work is going well although doors are taking more time to finish. He also said the main entrance track-side can be nicely stained. On Tuesday, Sept. 14, a lighted display sign went up on the west side of the station, and an east end sign in coming soon. Mayor Welch recently asked Ken to find out what it takes to get the Christmas train to stop in Webster this year. Ken has received no response to a letter sent to the area PR person for the RR. Ken added that two dozen cities, in concert with the respective Chambers of Commerce, need to guarantee so much $ in donations to pay for candy and toys passed out. Time is running out to have the train visit this Christmas, but next year the hope is to have the train visit. Ken has put the RR Club on Face book, and 300 hits have been received over the past two weeks. Julie Campbell has respectfully declined our request to serve on the Christmas Committee, citing too many other commitments. Roger asked the Board if he should by any lights for the large pine tree @ Big Bend & Elm which looks better with more lights. Jeff suggested buying the lights and have the City install them thereby simplifying the decoration process. Bob Springer asked if anyone is interested in attending Christmas Committee meetings. Paula volunteered to do so.  Hill/Sneed Properties Landscape/Concrete Work: Ralf, Linda & Bob Springer attended the September ARB meeting, and conditional approval was obtained for signage on the Hill building. The ARB loved the Hill signage proposal. However, they believe that not enough of a bold statement is being made with the concrete proposal. They envision something more terrific (i.e., a sculpture) to do something big for Webster. The ARB recommended  “keeping at it” with the Arts Foundation to come up with something spectacular for the property. Ed Sneed will handle the removal of his sign. Ralf and John pointed out the crumbling curbs and sidewalks near the proposed work site. John said that St Louis County is responsible for curbs but the situation gets “cloudier” as to who is responsible. John also thought it would be helpful for a rep from St Louis County HIghways to inspect the damage. Roger suggested a good place to start might be with Barb Fraser (5th District Count y Council-person). Ralf presented three bids: Signs, Etc. $1,719 for signage on towers , Sapphire Property Mgmt. (Mark Abeln) $576 ($176 material+$400 labor) for 2 coats paint on cornerstone bricks, and American Painting (Jim Glore) $400 for labor & material in painting cornerstone bricks. To satisfy bidding rules, 2 more signage bids are needed as well as one more painting bid. However, no other bids are needed should be go with Mark Abeln’s proposal. Ralf passed around sample material to be used for the signage; because of it’s durability many years of service will be provided. Beautification Grant Clarification: The “fine line” between painting done for maintenance purposes versus aesthetic purposes was discussed. It appears Lila/Jim Hirschfelt’s paintwork was more maintenance than aesthetics. It was recommended that future grant requests be questioned in more detail about painting purposes. Jeff suggested we handle requests on a case-by-case basis. Extra Pay For Richard: Two meetings ago Lisa suggested extra pay for Richard (i.e., doing a newsletter, and any other tasks that fall outside preparation of agendas, minutes & attending meetings). Several board members thought that $80 for all I do is low, and I’m deserving of a general pay raise. John suggested I keep track of the time it takes me to prepare minutes, agendas, e-mailing them out, etc., and at October’s meeting present these findings so an appropriate raise can be determined.

       Agenda Items For Tuesday,  October 19, 2010 meeting: Hal Hanstein’s request for   business signage, Sneed/Hill property work, Alma/Big Bend corner  Alma parking lot west side plantings, fiscal narrative info provided by Roger, RR building update, Christmas Committee & pay raise for Richard. The meeting was adjourned at 10:15 a.m.