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Crossroads Special Taxing District






Meeting Date:                            

    Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Meeting Called to Order:

 8:40 A.M.

Meeting Adjourned:

 9:50 A.M.

Next Meeting Date:

   Tuesday, November 17, 2009











Lisa Abeln



Patricia Boever






Pauli Goetz



Jeff Sanders



John Lark



Jim Onder



Kay Ramsey



Bob Springer






Davis Allen



Kathy Hart, Council Liaison



Roger Grow, Dir. of Planning/Development- Staff Liaison



Kathy Kinderfather-Residential Liaison



Ken Rimmel




Richard Scholl



Bob Goetz










 DATE: September 15, 2009




1. Approval of minutes from May 19, 2009 & July 21 non-quorum discussion.  Jim offered a motion which was seconded and the minutes were approved. 2. Visitor comments: Davis Allen, Executive Director of Sarahcare Adult Daycare Services, via invitation from Lisa, addressed the Board about his work with the Webster Groves Arts Commission and how it could help Crossroads beautify the District through artwork (particularly sculptures). Before discussing artwork, Davis distributed fliers for the Webster Groves Rotary Club JAZZ & SNAZZ Car Show (Saturday September 2009) at 110 W. Lockwood Ave. on the lot of First Congregational Church. This event is in conjunction with the Webster Jazz & Blues Festival. Davis said that the Arts Commission’s agenda has always been about exhibiting more public art in the community. A prime example is the “Back Flip” sculpture at Nerinx Hall.  2010 is the

     “Year Of The Arts” in Webster Groves whose major activity is promoting particularly the cultural arts. Davis also expressed a desire to see how artwork could fit into Crossroads’ “Flexible Spaces” streetscape plan. Banners promoting “The Year Of The Arts” was suggested. Davis also talked about available artists who would be from Webster Groves as well as the St. Louis Metropolitan area. Davis said that conspicuous, concrete pads featuring rotating art would be one way of getting exposure for artists’ works (i.e., the $1K bicycle artwork outside the rec center). Coming up with funds and negotiating a fair rate for a purchase or lease of an artist’s work.  Lighting is also important. Davis also said $5,000 can go a long way in choosing which artwork to display. Bob Goetz recommended Elm/Bend Park as a perfect location to display a sculpture. Davis said he would be able to secure sculptures for Crossroads District, and asked that someone on the Board partner with him for approval. The District could cover the cost of the concrete pads on which to put the displays. The plans would be subject to change. It was suggested we purchase a permanent sculpture for Elm/Bend Park: something big & super cool (per Lisa) that can be seen from all four corners. It was suggested to lease art items for Bob Springer’s property. With two galleries in Crossroads District, a group of businesses supporting the arts would be most helpful. We should let the art be our guide and let if define us. Also, tying pole banners to artwork/sculpture would be productive.




   3. Approval of May 19, 2009 minutes & July 21, 2009 non-quorum discussion: Jim offered a

   Motion to approve and it was seconded. 4. Tax Rate Modification: The tax rate will remain unchanged because we missed this year’s deadline to change it. At November’s mtg. the Board will vote to reduce the tax rate next year.  HOK Flexible Spaces Plan/Sculptures: Lisa said that the Board was thrilled with the different approach to beautifying the District instead of just fixing up buildings. Pauli expressed that the District sense of community has been lost over the years, and that the sidewalks are unable to be widened due to St. Louis County being in charge of Big Bend right  of way. She said that private property matters must be negotiated with the owners.  Because of limitations with the train station property, it was posed what can be done outside the RR property. In implementing the HOK plan, some areas will take heavy-duty work as well as time with negotiations. Three beautiful pockets would stimulate interest in any hard-to-fill pockets. Another pertinent question: who has space in which they’d like something done?  At least 4 areas were identified as good places to start (including Elm Bend/Park and Alma/Big Bend corner). A possible expansion of the sculpture district could include Schnucks property.  Residents have been receptive to activity on the Alma parking lot, and John emphasized the importance of continuing to keep residents informed and involved. Maximum impact is key for placement of sculptures. Bob Springer was asked if he’d consider matching cost for art at his corner. He said he’d have to look at the numbers. Creation of a sub-committee to work with the sculpture artists as their work relates to landscape was recommended. Bob G. & Pauli would be involved. Bob Springer asked Davis the  date of the next Arts Commission mtg: Tuesday October 13, 2009 @ 7:30 p.m. It was suggested Bob S. bring a picture of his property to the Arts Commission mtg.Landscape matters: Bob Goetz said that the Alma parking lot is infested with bindweed, and because of its multiple-root system, takes persistence in killing them.  He volunteered to kill these weeds. Christmas Decorations/Holiday Events: Roger said that an open house on November 8th kicks off 2 months of activities in each District (3 November weekends & 3 December weekends). The events will be titled “Webster Wonderland Theme”.  A marketing firm was hired on a $15,000 budget (costs to be paid by each of the three Districts) to promote this theme. Crossroads decorations are stored at Rolling Ridge Nursery. Lisa said meetings produced the following: red/gold ribbon with fake garland was the decoration chosen by the other Districts. Our ribbons are getting worn, so the Board after approved motion, authorized spending up to $2,500.00 to buy appropriate decorations and labor to install. It was asked if the RR station will be running trolley trips during the Christmas season. Ken will check into this. It was asked if we could make our decorations on the light poles look better by placing them lower than in previous years. Yes we can.   John asked Roger about a vacant spot on the city hall kiosk (next to Old Webster and Old Orchard). Roger said a listing of businesses could be posted as well as information about RR station activities (which Ken could e-mail).


Agenda items for November 21, 2009 meeting: Vote on next year’s tax rate modification, HOK flexible spaces plan, getting Board to seven members, Christmas decorations/holiday events, Pauli’s article(s) about Crossroads District & landscaping matters. The meeting adjourned at 9:50 a.m.