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Crossroads Special Taxing District






Meeting Date:                            

     Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Meeting Called to Order:


Meeting Adjourned:

9:45 A.M.

Next Meeting Date:

 Tuesday, January 20, 2009









Lisa Abeln



Patricia Boever






Pauli Goetz



Jeff Sanders



John Lark




Jim Onder



Kay Ramsey



Bob Springer









Kathy Hart, Council Liaison



Roger Grow, Dir. of Planning/Development- Staff Liaison



Kathy Kinderfather-Residential Liaison



Ken Rimmel




Richard Scholl



Bob Goetz









1. Approval of minutes from September 16, 2008

      After two corrections: changing spray-painting evergreens silver to highlighting evergreens with silver, and eliminating the incorrect information about $5K-$6K being spent on District building evaluation, a motion was offered and seconded to approve September minutes. Richard sent a revised copy via e-mail to the Board.

     2. Visitor comments. Ken was unable to attend. However, he sent Richard an e-mail     apologizing for his absence, and that with the holidays approaching, rooms at the Rec Center would be hard to reserve. He will resume work in January 2009 on the Railroad Operation LifeSaver Program.



3. Tax rate modification: After a discussion the Board decided to wait until May 2009 when the new assessments come out to modify the tax rate. Roger informed us that the cut-off date to submit a tax-rate modification is July 31. Landscaping issues: A discussion was held as to planting yews in the south parking lot which would require regular watering while native shrubbery looks good year round with minimal maintenance. A suggestion was offered for an all-rock setting, but several members expressed dislike for a "Concrete Jungle" look. The Board reviewed Bob Goetz' recent bid from Baxter Gardens Landscaping to plant 19 30"-36" yews. The price is reasonable. A soaker hose or irrigation system would be required to maintain the yews, and the Board decided that this issue must be solved before planting the yews. Dr Butz building as well as Jeff Sanders' has a water source, and Jeff's is actually the closest. Greg Sercl could turn the hose/irrigation system on or off. This would work well because currently Greg does not have the capacity to provide the amount of water needed to properly maintain the plantings. Bob Goetz said that between and March is the best time to plant yews, and that if a soaker hose is chosen, lay it first and run it across the parking lot.  Bob Goetz also offered his help in the entire planting process free of charge. Jim told Bob that the Board could pay him if he felt the amount of work and time was becoming excessive. Lisa told Bob Goetz that if he gets dimensions for an irrigation system, she could collect several bids. Developing a plan over the winter will insure readiness for planting and watering needs. Recycling program: Lisa mentioned a recent Webster/Kirkwood times article which mentioned that schools are seeing decreased revenue because fewer people bring recyclable items to them. The Board still feels that to pay a company for the privilege of having a universal recycling bin in the District is not a prudent expense when there are other locations at which to drop off items. John said that Webster U. also collects tin and cardboard items. Christmas decorations: The discussion started with whether we repeat  each building displaying lights. While the concept is good, the reality presents some problems. Which businesses need more lights for this year? Will businesses be equally enthusiastic in putting up and maintaining the lights (i.e., will businesses reposition light strands that fall)?  While uniformity is a good thing it has to be done correctly. Pauli said that she heard complaints that last year's lights in buildings were not showy enough. Furthermore, she suggested that the Elm Bend Park cedar trees be decorated w/lights which would show up better than business window lights. Next, accessible power sources were discussed. Bob Hill's building has outdoor access as does the dental office. Because the cedar trees are 20'-25' high, approximately 900 lights would be needed.  Pat said she could find someone to hang the lights because Public Works doesn't hang lights. Lights could be either colored or white. White is more classic looking and perhaps more popular. Adding greens to flower pots would complement the decorated trees. Property Beautification: Lisa thanked Roger for the bumpers in the Alma lot which protect the lights next to the fence. Bob Springer told of 2 trees recently removed from the Alma apartment property next to his property. One tree was felled by a storm. Bob also said the the apartment property near the corner needs to be maintained better. He's contacted representatives of Fisher Mgmt Co. who run the complex.  The property is for sale. The Board suggested presenting a clean up plan to Fisher Mgmt at no cost to them. The Crossroads board would pay for the clean-up. Also, this could very well help Fisher in selling the property by increasing its attractiveness. Maintenance in the District must be the main focus. Building Beautification: Jim has a talented and creative designer who did work in his office and home. He's awaiting word to see if she'll evaluate the District buildings, and give general recommendations on how to beautify the buildings. Promoting The District: After pointing out how over the years Crossroads District has shifted from predominately retail to predominately professional, Pauli suggested telling the story of how Crossroads has evolved over the years. A general article in the Webster/Kirkwood Times would be a good start. Subsequent articles could focus on specific businesses and owners/tenants in the District. Both Pauli and Dr Butz are extremely knowledgeable about the District, and could write an interesting history. Jim offered to assist Pauli in writing the articles. Lisa offered to present them to the Webster/Kirkwood Times who are very good about publishing items.




 4. Agenda items for January 20, 2009: Operation Lifesaver Program status,  building beautification, landscaping issues/Bob Goetz' plan, Alma apartment complex maintenance status, Pauli's article(s) about the Crossroads District. The meeting was adjourned at 9:45 a.m.