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Crossroads Special Taxing District






Meeting Date:                            

     Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Meeting Called to Order:


Meeting Adjourned:

 9:50 A.M.

Next Meeting Date:

      Tuesday, November 18, 2008









Lisa Abeln



Patricia Boever






Pauli Goetz



Jeff Sanders



John Lark




Jim Onder



Kay Ramsey



Bob Springer









Kathy Hart, Council Liaison



Roger Grow, Dir. of Planning/Development- Staff Liaison



Kathy Kinderfather-Residential Liaison



Ken Rimmel




Richard Scholl















 DATE: September 16, 2008




1. Approval of Minutes from May 20, 2008 and non-quorum minutes from July 15, 2008

      A motion was offered and seconded for above minutes

2. Visitor comments.

Ken said an Operation Lifesaver program this fall would be either on Saturday or Sunday at the Rec Center. Mayor Welch is still very interested in the program, and although she’s passed along information to the police and fire departments, Ken has not heard from either agency. Police involvement would allow for free rental of the Rec Center, otherwise the cost would be $100. Ken feels the “ball is in their court”, and he’s prepared to move forward with the program with or without PD/FD involvement.




3. Achieving and maintaining quorums:

John suggested when responding to meeting reminders to respond yes or no and send your response to all Board members in addition to Richard.  Jim asked Richard to closely monitor responses to determine if a quorum is likely. Monitoring the responses allows Richard to determine if we’re in danger of not having a quorum for the third Tuesday, and allows time to reschedule during the same month. John also mentioned that 3 board members' terms expire in October: himself, Lisa & Jeff. John offered to resign his position, but stay involved with the Board. His offer was refused, and we'll see if other Board members are interested in resigning.   SLCC-Meramec Architectural Input: John has forwarded our request to the school who in turn gave it to an instructor who works for HOK.  John has not heard back from this instructor, and John believes the instructor is not interested. John further surmised that our inability to convey a specific, concrete idea of what we want while only conveying general, vague ideas plays a role in the lack of response. Bob Springer and Maureen Fox’s Beautification Grant applications: A motion was offered and approved for approval of their applications. John will draft respective letters notifying the applicants of approval along with a general reminder of improvements not covered by the grant. A copy of each letter will go to Roger for grant money disbursement purposes. Tax modification vote: John and Jim suggested waiting for property assessments to come out before deciding on a 3 cent tax rate reduction (to be addressed at the Tuesday, November 18, 2008 meeting).  Parking Lot/District Landscaping: Lisa suggested developing an overall plan of attack and then implement it. A basic level of maintenance on a week-to-week basis would help the District keep up on watering and eliminating weeds. Greg Sercl is able to provide normal weekly maintenance of both the south and Alma lots along with herbicide for the weeds (all dead items in Pat’s lot have been basically cleaned up). Greg’s problem is the water source, especially in the Alma lot where there is no water hook-up. Jeff Sanders and Dr. Butts each have a water hook-up available for the south lot. A discussion started about equipping the Alma lot with water service. Suggestions included a green sprinkler hose (which some thought could look gaudy & tacky),  a water tap installed by a plumber or an underground sprinkler system. Roger mentioned that Old Orchard District has a system in place to regularly monitor their landscape. Lisa mentioned that Missouri native plants need no water, and would eliminate the need to water the Alma lot. Jeff has a landscaping person who could advise us on what to add or remove from the parking lot landscape. Lights along the parking lot in the Alma lot are being damaged mainly by larger sized vehicles backing up into parking spots. Concrete bumpers would reduce or eliminate this occurrence. Additional Architectural Items: With the SLCC-Meramec option gone, Jim offered to speak to a lady who decorated his home and office and get prices for taking a look at the District. It was thought that for a cost of $200.00 per building, sketches of each District building would assist in the beautification process, and possibly stimulate grant program participation even if not everyone participates.  Christmas decorations: Lisa said there are 4 boxes of 200 lights left from last year, and that more are needed. Suction cups to anchor the lights was suggested as the best way to keep them in place. Greg is now placing orders for winter which includes evergreens for the flower pots. Lisa also suggested highlighting the evergreens with silver to enhance the lights in the District. A motion was offered and approved for spending $2K plus Greg's bill for services related to Christmas decorations. Putting lights in Elm Bend Park was suggested, it has to be checked for an electrical outlet. A motion was offered and approved to put lights in Elm Bend Park. The plan is for tenant lights to be up shortly after Thanksgiving. Recycling: John said schools would be unable to pick up recycled items from our businesses, but we could deposit items in their bins or continue to use the city- provided recycling bins.



 4.Agenda items for November 18th meeting:

Operation Lifesaver Program status, recycling program, building beautification, Christmas decorations, tax rate modification. The meeting was adjourned at 9:50 a.m.